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Team Members

Misty D. Collins

Misty D. Collins // Co-Owner and Private Investigator

Misty is a lifelong resident of the Hampton Roads area of Southeastern Virginia. She brings to the team decades of experience in Law Enforcement and investigations. She is trained in many genres including surveillance; animal cruelty investigations, and organized crime including but not limited to dog fighting. In addition to being one of our lead private investigators; Misty is also a registered Armed Security Officer and alarm respondent. Resume available upon request.

James Warren Jr.

James Warren Jr. // Private Investigator

James began his interest in the criminal justice field in 2006 when he attended the University of Central Florida. There James graduated with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and minor in Business administration in 2010. James then attended the police academy and was hired on with the Martin County Sheriff's Office. James received multiple awards and began to excel in this field. Just after a year on road patrol, he was transferred into the special investigations unit.

Lynnea Taylor

Lynnea Taylor // Private Investigator Intern/Administrative Specialist

Kristopher W. Wilgus

Kristopher W. Wilgus // Owner (President) and Lead Private Investigator

Kristophers industry experience began in 1998 as a Corrections Officer (Senior) for the Virginia Department of Corrections at Dillwyn Correctional Center in Buckingham County, Virginia. Within in that time and in conjunction with Law Enforcement Duties, he worked along side of the 'In House' Special Investigations Unit. After joining the Private Security Industry in Virginia Beach, VA, he excelled in Physical Security (Strike, Special, and Disaster Response Teams), Military Government Contracting and several Area Management roles. He served as Compliance Agent for Licensing and Fleet (Vehicle) Management. He extended these roles in the State of Florida and throughout different parts of the United States.

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