We specialize in uncovering hidden details.

"If it's not RED-LETTER, it's not right!"

ServicesWhat We Offer

Personal/Executive Protection

Our Representatives are able to conform to any environment ensuring your safety and protection in every situation.For your Business travels and Events,Weddings, Parties, and other Social Events.Our plain clothes Representative will blend into any environment.


Workers Compensation Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Counter Surveillance, Infidelity/Spousal, and Child Custody.

Skip Tracing

Asset Recovery (i.e. Beneficiaries), Debt Collection, Locating Missing Persons, and Locating Witnesses.

Background Investigations/Checks

Nationwide Criminal Records, Nationwide Sexual Offenses, Credit Reports including; Bankruptcies, Liens/Judgements, Employment Verification, Marriages/Divorces,Cell Phone Records, and License Plate/VIN Search. *Additional report options are also available and we will adhere to your specific requests within the scope of the law.

Our payment options include:

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